Map and Weather

Information relating to the in-game weather and season of Moladion can be found here. This includes the availability of prey and 'weather prompts' that players may use in their posts such as flooding, wildfires and so on. In the instance of a larger 'disaster,' such as a notable hurricane, Staff may post a prompt on the relevent board signifying the events start and end. Weather events and prey availability are updated each new season.
You can view how weather/prey availability is decided here.
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Current Season: Winter

Taviora / Enocra Woodlands
Desolate prey. Flooding. Average snow.
Asteraia / Mecor Valley
Average prey. Colder than normal with heavy snowfall.
Diveen / Ruieze Fields
Average prey. Colder than normal with sleet / ice-storms.
Glorall / The Grotto
Desolate prey. Flooding. Warmer than normal with much less snow, more rain.

Iromar / Susil Crags
Average prey. Colder than normal with sleet / ice-storms.
Spirane / Aplos Riverside
Low prey. Extreme Weather - Very strong winds with snow squalls
Liorum / Lumira Tundra
Abundant prey. Average.


Seasons: What to Expect

Moladion's seasons range from severe to mild and while one side of Moladion experiences a mild winter, the other may experience a more extreme season. Information about what might be considered a more 'average' season can be found here for your reference.
Spring in Moladion is an exciting time! Spring is when all wolves are born alongside many other species such as bears, deer and young birds. Wildflowers reign supreme and wild fruits and nuts hang heavy from the trees. It is generally an abundant season with mild warm days and cooler evenings - comfortable would be the best way to describe it. As the snow thaws, many of the rivers and streams swell and might ocassionally block off access to areas throughout the Crags and Grottos. Spring storms often take place in the evenings.
Summer is a season of hot, often humid days and stormy, turbulent nights. However, many of these storms seldom bring rain and much of Moladion is dry. When rain does come, it is often heavy and violent and causes flooding as it hits the parched land. Wildfires are more common, particularly alongside dry, strong winds from the west. A good summer can be described as short, hot, humid and only very mildly uncomfortable! In the most extreme summers, even Spirane's snowcap shrinks back from the sun.
Fall is often a relieving break from summer and is one of the more mild seasons. However, there is still a risk of fires thanks to the falling leaves and droughts may extend into the cooler season. Lightning storms are a common sight at night but they are seldom as violent as spring or summer storms. In fact, fall is one of Moladion's most beautiful seasons! Many trees shed their leaves and early mornings are dewy and misty with clear skies throughout the day. As nighttime temperatures begin to drop, one might catch a little snow at night - it's certainly a common sight to see a snow cloud hovering over Spirane!
Across Moladion, winter always brings snow. Snow is often sparser by the coast but packs such as Spirane and Asteraia may experience heavy drifts of snow up to a wolf's chest! Mornings and evenings often bring fresh snowfalls and many days of the season are cloudy and grey. Blizzards are not unheard of and some may last days, whiting out the very sun itself. The ground may even be too hard to dig into at times, and smaller streams may freeze over completely. Even the shallow waters of the lakes may be frosted with ice - in Glorall, an ice bridge forms off the coast. Winter is, however, when wolves breed and so, few wolves find themselves complaining despite the cold!

Prey and Predators

Moladion is full of prey and predators alike, with some varying in their ranges. Players who request a hunt may also request which prey their character is seeking, otherwise Staff will randomly decide which to send based on season and locality. Predators, on the other hand, are prone to attacking unsuspecting loners, particularly during spring. Predators may also be requested by players, but will otherwise show up at random.
Both prey and predators are bound by the same in-game rules, however, and cannot kill or cause life-changing injuries unless a player consents.

Expanded information about each prey and predator can be found by clicking here. This includes number of wolves needed, potential behavior and so on.

Taviora / Enocra Woodlands
Moose, Boar, Turkey, Raccoon, Squirrel
Red Fox, Opossum, Lynx, Cougar
Asteraia / Mecor Valley
Bison, Pronghorn, Pheasant, Cottontail, Groundhog
Cougar, Red Fox, Snakes, Stoat
Diveen / Ruieze Fields
Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer, Quail, Jackrabbit, Prairie Dog
Grizzly Bear, Lynx, Wolverine, Snake
Glorall / The Grotto
Seal, Crabs, Gulls, Fallow Deer, Hares
Leopard Seal, Grizzly Bear, Coyote, Stoat

Iromar / Susil Crags
Swamp Deer, Duck, Beaver, Muskrat, Swamp Rabbit
Alligator, Black Bear, Cougar, Red Fox
Spirane / Aplos Riverside
Elk, Mountain Goat, Grouse, Marmot, Porcupine
Grizzly Bear, Wolverine, Coyote, Snakes
Liorum / Lumira Tundra
Musk Ox, Caribou, Ptarmigan, Hares, Lemming
Grizzly Bear, Coyote, Arctic Fox, Cougar