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Lunar Children is a semi-realistic wolf roleplay game that was originally created by Enfection in 2010. Currently, its administration team consists of Meryl, Sol, Lz and Riley. Their contact details can be found on the Members page alongside other member information and characters. This page, however, will provide relevent credits, information about the site and game itself alongside some of the past layouts and so on.
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Site History

Lunar Children was conceived and created by Enfection in 2010. Over the course of Lunar Children's long life, there have been sixteen versions of layouts and many site-wide plots to change the in-character landscape. Throughout this time, others have also taken the helm with previous owners and 'staff' of the site including players such as Alex, Apollymi, Castle, Chant, Kite, BAB, Bliss, Paige and Ellie. These members have contributed much towards the growth and development of the game with valuable contributions towards the game's direction and efforts in creating fun, exciting events.

Preceding Version Nine (The Great Cataclysm), Moladion's in-game world involved seven free-land areas and six packs. The free-land areas included Remora Plains, Amaia Creek, Astra Clearing, Japeras Lake, Esperatia Falls and Heroma Swamp. The packs included Trenus, Solevion, Mirovis, Litherum, Paracon and Judila.

'The Great Cataclysm' was a site-wide plot included in the release of Version Nine. This site-wide plot involved the destruction of all free-lands and packs resulting in a near-complete change of Moladion's map. During this version, board numbers were limited as wolves returned after several years of 'exile' before they were able to return to a changed Moladion. Packs were removed for several months during which time 'pack elections' were held, with individuals seeking to garner supporters in-game before the release of new packs. After which, new free-land and pack boards were slowly opened and Version Ten was released.

Since Version Ten's release, several new boards have also been released. These include The Grotto (after a short site-wide plot involving a large earthquake), Lumira Tundra and the pack-land of Asteraia. Currently, there are seven free-lands and six packs.

Site Credits

The original concept of the site and related names (eg. Amaia Creek, Trenus and so on) belong wholly to Enfection. Current names belong to their respective creators. Any similarity between location, name or characters to any person, living or dead, is unintended unless specified otherwise.

Disclaimer: All photos are copyrighted to their respectful owners; no copyright infringement intended. Credits are given where possible. Any issues relating to the use of an image can be directed to any Staff member and will be dealt with promptly.
The concept of "imprinting" was modeled from the Twilight novels and it is copyrighted to Stephenie Meyer.
All characters, their traits (such as appearances, histories and so on) alongside their posts are copyrighted to their respective players. Images created for specific members and characters are credited alongside the image itself.

HTML was provided by FreeHTML5.co via Wordpress. Alterations were made by Sol.
Main site image created by Lz. Individual character images found on the Emerge and Convene pages represent characters belonging to members of Lunar Children. The art itself belongs to Meryl.
HTML used on individual pack boards created by Riley with permission given for members to alter the HTML to suit their requirements.
Map image and icons were created by Meryl.

Below is a list of credits for individual images used across the site, such as images used for pack-board links and free-land links.
All images used in icons found on the 'OOC,''Emerge,' and Main Page (e.g. Member of the Month, Quote of the Month, Thread of the Month) are courtesy of Castlegraphics
Images used as icons for 'Character of the Month' and 'Puppy of the Month' are courtesy of their respected creators, as credited per the relevant member.

Spirane: Pexels
Glorall: LucieG-Stock
Taviora: HermitCrabStock
Iromar: Bernhard Siegl / Burtn
Diveen: pxhere
Asteraia: BaxiaArt / koko-stock
Lumira Tundra: Bernhard Siegl / Burtn
Mecor Valley: sokolovplovdiv

Susil Crags: Thiefyfinn
Enocra Woodland: Castlegraphics
Aplos Riverside: Castlegraphics
The Grotto: dani221
Ruieze Field: Castlegraphics
Fighting: landkeks-stock
Breeding: Kati H / Khalliysgraphy
Stealing: landkeks-stock

Past Layouts

Throughout Lunar Children's existence, the site has undergone many changes to its appearance with new 'versions' every so often. Some of these came with large-scale plots and others were simply to give the site a facelift. The creators of these layouts retain full rights, and we thank each and every member who has contributed to not only the aesthetics of the site but also the creative process and inspiration behind each version!

Version One: become a child again [screenshot]
Version Two: this is home [screenshot]
Version Three: just a dream [screenshot]
Version Four: of smoke and bone [screenshot]
Version Five: a bond between us [screenshot]
Version Six: lost blood [screenshot]
Version Seven: winter's kiss [screenshot]
Version Eight: trespassers [banner]

Version Nine: the great cataclysm [screenshot]
Version Ten: lost in the clouds [screenshot]
Version Eleven: the woods are lovely, dark and deep [screenshot]
Version Twelve: stars will lead you to fate [screenshot]
Version Thirteen: by the light of the moon [screenshot 1] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
Version Fourteen: become earth [screenshot]
Version Fifteen: after the sun sets [screenshot]


Here is a small collection of 'artifacts' from previous versions of the game, including buttons, site-wide plot information and so forth. If you have anything you believe would make a great addition here, please don't hesitate to let Staff know! This is a sort of 'collective memory' of Moladion's past, be it OOC or In-Character.

From those we lost...
The wolves that had come by days ago were the furthest thing from the young mothers mind as she nuzzled her puppies closer to her, breathing in their scent and smiling to herself before laying down to sleep.

The three wolves had been almost frantic for being the strangers they were to her. That was what had set her on edge. She was a young mother, alone since her mate had died, and with her pups still so small those three males had definitely seemed like a threat. Without even listening to their silly warning, she had chased them away snapping her teeth and growling at them. It is only now, when she is up, alone, that she recalls what they said and a chill runs down her spine.

You have to come. You have to come with us, my companions and I. We won't hurt you or the children - we want to save you. It's all ending, you must run.

At the time she had brushed it off, not caring, only wanting to make sure her children didn't hear it. Even now in her dream, she half-laughs at the absurdity, denial thick in the dozing haze. The world couldn't en--

A loud boom startles her from her sleep and she jumps to her feet. The resounding shock wave through the ground and over the earth above throws her to the floor of her small burrow. The females eyes snap towards the entrance of her den. Light is visible and for a moment she is baffled, she couldn't have slept that long... it should still be dark. Smelling smoke, she knows it's time to investigate. Cautiously, she leaves her den and freezes for a moment, dazzled at the scene before her...

Smoke and fire are beginning to devour everything in a billowing wave and that cloud of destruction is moving directly towards her. Instinct kicks in and she yips for her young to wake, to follow, before she takes off away from their pursuant death sentence.

One puppy refuses to leave the den and for a moment the female stops, obviously waging an internal battle as to whether or not she should waste the time urging him to follow. Grabbing the pup that is actually attempting to follow her she makes her decision and races off, leaving the other puppy behind.

Ash and smoke filled the air more and more, and it seemed like to matter how fast she went, the inferno didn't let up. Deer and other animals run with her, all confused and in frenzy as bits of debris, still on fire, started to rain down on them.

The wolf ran as hard as she could, evading the flaming rocks that began to fall from the sky. It was hard, but after her tail was singed, she made a point to look up. It was this that caused her to misstep. Her ankle caught in a burning root, throwing her to the ground, puppy flying from her jaws.

With a cry she removes her burned and twisted ankle from the root and limps in the thick acrid smoke whining for her last child. She coughs, begins to pant. The ground begins to burn her paws but she doesn't know what to do. In the confusion, she has forgotten which way she came from.

A tree about a yard away burst into flames and she cries out and backs away before turning in an attempt to try and run, last child forgotten in her despair.

The smoke is too thick. She cannot breathe. Ash covers her in a thick layer - it is heavy and the air is hot. Before she can get a yard away she falls and the young mother doesn't rise.

From those who survived...
It seems silly to her that they would leave. Just because those three wolves had some silly idea of the world ending didn't mean the world would really end. She would not allow the world to end, and besides... the world was big. She had never even been as far as Solevion despite a good deal of walking so how could something kill all of them? All of them at once? Never.

Either way, though, when her alpha said move she moved. It was hard, especially when some of the pack stayed behind, refusing to follow the so called 'knowers' of the future.

That had been a day or so ago and now they they were crossing out of the land of Moladion. On a high mountain ridge, all the wolves sat together. Most of them strangers to her, all of eyeing each other speculatively. They are wondering how long they had to be together - who all would show up, stragglers who came to believe the two older males later than the original followers. It is a clear night and they have stopped here for a reason. The Trenus plateau and utmost Solevion ranges are in the distant view.

She says a final goodbye, closing her eyes and contemplating those whose faces she did not see and wished she could again. She thinks of her brother, stubborn to the last, when an alarmed murmur goes up among the wolves around her. Glancing around curiously the girl notes the other wolves looking into the sky and glances into the dark abyss as it seemingly grows lighter despite the late hour, wondering what could make them all react that way - what could wake the sun before its time.

A ball of light hurtling at insane speeds headed straight for the heart of Moladion.

Ha ha ha. Don't be silly we will be fine, sis. You go with the alpha and the others and when nothing happens you will come back and we will still be here watching the pack. You can't stay. You need to go have an adventure.

A strangled cry leaves her lips and she moves to run towards her old home before an older pack mate grabs her by the scruff. She twists and turns fighting the older wolf but she is small, still a puppy in comparison. She cant give up though, she has to go back, her mommy and daddy... her brother! They stayed! They don't know!

From those we lost...
The wolves that had come by days ago were the furthest thing from the young mother's mind as she nuzzled her puppies closer to her, breathing in their scent and smiling to herself before laying down to sleep.

On a warm, quiet night in spring the unthinkable happens...The world as we know it ends.
A meteorite falls from the sky to land in Astra Clearing, landing smack in the center of Moladion. The force sends a shock wave all through the lands. The rock hits with such force that it creates a crater and a thermal force that instantly burns everything in the immediate area to a crisp. The pressure against the earth disturbs the innermost depths of the earth itself.

Dormant volcanoes in Solevion erupt with the force of Moladion's own Vesuvius and Mount Saint Helens. The fault line in Paracon opens a chasm that rips through it, Mirovis, and Trenus all. Litherum separates from the peninsula and falls into the sea. Scotavia is covered in ash and lava that bursts from the belly of the earth, its shelved waterfalls turning to acid and the water otherwise boiling. Ferrine is the worst as the fault line severs the mountains which sends the rock tumbling into the bowled landscape while the outer rim takes a note from Litherum and flees its mother land mass.

The subsequent fires scorch every part of the land, feeding on themselves until the burn out after devouring everything. The air temperature rises and even the wet undergrowth burns. The gathering winds cause the fires to become their own self-perpetuating systems, which created fire storms capable of causing anything in its path to simply burst into flame. A wall of smoke suffocates anything that could have survived and in the month following everything is buried under a constant rain of ash.

Every now and then, a little ash wisps to where the survivors eek out a meager existence. They follow their saviors because they know how to live like this, can sometimes tell what is to come.