In-Game Events


It is currently winter. Spring will begin on July 1
Breeding is currently open until July 1. Birthing is closed.

Weather Overview

There is a significant amount of flooding and rain throughout Moladion, with changing prey availability.
Read more on the weather page.

Plots and Notes

If you have need of a certain character, scenario or anything, you can post on the plot board to start your hunt!
Auri is cooling down and imprints are meeting at the riverside.
Eira is looking for some peace of mind in the forest.
Senketsu is licking his wounds in Diveen.
Runihura's looking for answers in the valley.

More can be found on the plots board.

Site Updates

The next site update will be around July 14th.
Disaster has struck in Moladion! Widespread flooding is taking place across the region, impacting packs and free-lands alike. You can read more about here right here! Threads posted on affected boards will be subject to 'disasters' and 'surprises,' where you may find yourself rewarded or writing yourself out of a sticky situation! If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please don't hesitate to PM Sol on Discord or post in the general Discord channel! There are bound to be a few hiccups, so let's work through them together!

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